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If you’re searching for somewhere reliable to get a lift kit installation in Sydney then stop your searching right now because you’ve just found it – HFDT. Suspension and lift kit installations are our specialty, we have a serious passion for turning every 4wd that rolls into our workshop the beast it was born to be. Seriously, check out our insta page full of 4WDs, it’s like heaven.

Whether you’re a 4×4 veteran or you don’t know the first thing about car modifications, we’ve got some enlightening info on 4wd suspension lift kits for you right here. Here’s the breakdown of what we’ll be going through in this article:

What Are Lift Kits?

Why Install A Lift Kit?

Body Lifts

Suspension Lifts

HFDT 4WD Suspension Lift Kits Sydney

What Are Lift Kits?

Lift kits are almost exactly as they sound – kits designed to lift your car. If you’ve looked around online you’ve probably already seen the terms suspension lift and body lift. These are the two different kinds of lifts that a lift kit can provide for your vehicle. Every lift kit is unique and will specify which car it’s for.

Universal lift kits aren’t a thing because there are just too many factors that are unique between vehicles like geometries.

So now that you have a general idea of what a lift kit is, it’s time to inform you of why a lift kit is something you should consider installing. After that we’ll go into a bit of detail about body lifts vs suspension lifts.

Why Install A Lift Kit?

There are so many reasons why you should install a lift kit but it all comes down to what you want out of your vehicle. If you own a 4×4 then you’ve probably had dreams of driving through tough terrains and leaving a trail of dust in your wake.

This is where lift kits come in. With the right lift kit properly installed you can travel over rocky roads, climb sand dunes, cross rivers and do it all safely.

There’s a good reason why lift kits are one of the most popular 4×4 mods. Here are some advantages both types of lift kit provide that any owner, enthusiast or not, would love to have.


One of the greatest experiences for 4wd owners and you can achieve it with the simple installation of a lift kit. When you add extra height to your vehicle, you keep it away from obstacles on the road. Avoiding the dangers of nature like rocks and debris and not getting stuck in the ground when a wheel drives into a ditch is what off-roading is all about.

Allows Larger Tyres

By lifting your car you have the added benefit of being able to put larger tyres on. Larger tyres not only look cooler but you can get thicker tyres specifically designed for offroading.

Increased Ride Height

Naturally when you lift your car the ride height will also increase. This is how high up you sit from the ground. With the extra ride height you’ll have better visibility of the road and will be able to see obstacles and hazards around you easier.

Body Lifts

So now let’s get a little more specific. With a body lift, spacers or blocks are added between the metal frame and the body of your car. This means the ground clearance from the vehicle’s undercarriage doesn’t change.

You still get a better offroading experience, the option for larger tyres and the additional ride height. The only thing with body lifts is there’s a limit to how much they can lift your car. They’re designed with this limitation in mind so the handling of your vehicle and the quality of your ride stays similar to what it was before.

With a body lift you’ll probably also want to get some gap guards to cover the hole created. Many people go for the body lift because of the aesthetic boost and it’s cheaper than a suspension lift. Keep in mind though it doesn’t make your vehicle as safe for off-roading as a suspension lift does.

Suspension Lifts

Suspension lifts are more complex than body lifts since you’re replacing parts or the entirety of your suspension system. The higher the lift the more complex it gets, you may need readjustments to your handling system and so on. But a suspension lift is the gateway to a premium off-road experience.

Just like the body lift you get the ability to add larger tyres and extra ride height but the difference is you’re lifting your vehicle from the suspension so the whole vehicle gets lifted, undercarriage included. This is what lets you really avoid those larger obstacles and\ keep you out of trouble on those unfamiliar roads.

If you’re someone who likes working on your own 4×4 too then the extra room getting underneath is just extra icing on the cake.

However, unlike the body lift your ride quality will be affected. Your vehicle’s centre of gravity will change and the steering will be affected. There are new things that need to be done so you don’t compromise your own safety on the road. To get a 4wd suspension lift kit installed safely make sure you get it installed by a professional.

HFDT 4WD Suspension Lift Kits Sydney

At HFDT we’re lift kit specialists. Whether it’s a body lift kit or suspension lift kit you want installed, we’re right here on Sydney’s North Shore waiting for your call.

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